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Four Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent Thumbnail

Four Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent

When you receive paperwork to renew insurance policies every year, it can be tempting to check the box to renew without looking at your coverage. But renewing an old policy doesn’t mean that your previous coverage meets your current needs. Things may have changed since you purchased the policy – properties are renovated, driving habits change, the cost of parts go up. Here are four questions to ask your insurance agent to make sure you have enough coverage to protect your home and vehicles.

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What is a Living Trust? Thumbnail

What is a Living Trust?

Since a sound financial strategy includes an estate plan, FAI works alongside clients through the estate planning process. While discussing your estate plan, your financial advisor or attorney may suggest estate strategies that are new to you, such as a living trust. In this blog, we discuss why a living trust is a popular consideration in many estate planning conversations, but its appropriateness will depend upon your individual needs and objectives.

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Should I Freeze My Credit? Thumbnail

Should I Freeze My Credit?

“A few weeks ago, my sister was contacted by a debt collections agency requesting payment for a credit card that she didn’t recognize. After some digging, she found out that a fraudster opened a credit card in her name and charged thousands of dollars! Now I’m scared something like this could happen to me. What can I do?” With fraud on the rise, there are steps you can take to protect your credit. Services like LifeLock provide credit monitoring for a monthly fee, but if you’re looking for a no-cost step to take, you can protect your reports proactively for free with a credit freeze.

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