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What To Do If Your Financial Accounts Have Been Hacked Thumbnail

What To Do If Your Financial Accounts Have Been Hacked

From ordering groceries online to paying a pet sitter on Venmo, many of us rely on online transactions every day – but what happens when someone uses these platforms to access our financial accounts? Online shopping and app-based banking are easy and convenient for many people, but processing transactions online might make us more vulnerable to hackers accessing our finances. If you find a suspicious charge on your bank or credit card statement, here are 7 steps you can take to restore secure banking and recover lost funds.

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FAI's Ten Investment Principles Thumbnail

FAI's Ten Investment Principles

FAI was founded in 1987 by Mike Martin, when he left T. Rowe Price with the commitment to bring wall street to main street. For over 30 years we have created diversified portfolios using publicly traded individual stocks, bonds, and funds. Based on our investment experience we developed FAI’s Ten Investment Principles to guide us in investing your savings.

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