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What Return Should I Expect From My Investments?  Thumbnail

What Return Should I Expect From My Investments?

What should I expect from my investment returns? A very simple question, but one that has a very complicated answer. In order to earn a return on investments that exceeds inflation, an investor must take some risk. By taking risk to increase possible future returns, the investor is also taking on return variability.

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Preserving Wealth During Market Volatility Thumbnail

Preserving Wealth During Market Volatility

Through the last two years, investors have seen social and geopolitical events send the stock market into historic highs and lows. Each time the market takes a turn, many clients ask, “How do I preserve my wealth in this volatile market?” FAI's answer always starts with our investment principle of diversification. Read more about the strong impact of diversifying investments in today's market here.

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How Can I Save For My Grandchild’s Education? 4 FAQs Thumbnail

How Can I Save For My Grandchild’s Education? 4 FAQs

Nadine was overjoyed when she called to tell us the news: her daughter and son-in-law were expecting – she was going to be a grandma! While Nadine is most looking forward to spoiling her future grandson or granddaughter with playdates and lots of sweets, she also wants to make sure her grandchild can pay for college someday. Read our blog to learn about 4 strategies for college savings.

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On Market Timing and Volatility Thumbnail

On Market Timing and Volatility

Investors cannot know with certainty what performance stocks and bonds will return next quarter, next year, or even five years from now. Research indicates that market timing does not work. For example, what was the state of the U.S. economy between 2007 and 2010? The housing market had collapsed, causing broad economic damage. Large banks Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers had gone bankrupt the year before. Unemployment was nearing 10%, a high not seen since 1983.

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Four Ways To Make 2022 Your Most Tax-Efficient Year Yet Thumbnail

Four Ways To Make 2022 Your Most Tax-Efficient Year Yet

There are a lot of big things to plan for in a new year such as upcoming vacations, charitable goals, and everyone’s favorite… tax law changes! But don’t worry, we work together with our clients’ CPAs to monitor tax law changes so you don’t have to. While we don’t yet know all the changes that will be put into law, the IRS has released some guidance for contribution limits that you can plan on. We outline four easy ways to make 2022 your most tax-efficient year yet in this blog post.

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What To Do If Your Financial Accounts Have Been Hacked Thumbnail

What To Do If Your Financial Accounts Have Been Hacked

From ordering groceries online to paying a pet sitter on Venmo, many of us rely on online transactions every day – but what happens when someone uses these platforms to access our financial accounts? Online shopping and app-based banking are easy and convenient for many people, but processing transactions online might make us more vulnerable to hackers accessing our finances. If you find a suspicious charge on your bank or credit card statement, here are 7 steps you can take to restore secure banking and recover lost funds.

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FAI's Ten Investment Principles Thumbnail

FAI's Ten Investment Principles

FAI was founded in 1987 by Mike Martin, when he left T. Rowe Price with the commitment to bring wall street to main street. For over 30 years we have created diversified portfolios using publicly traded individual stocks, bonds, and funds. Based on our investment experience we developed FAI’s Ten Investment Principles to guide us in investing your savings.

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