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Webinars & Events

Town Hall: Daily Money Manager

Mary Hughes, a certified Daily Money Manager (DMM) and founder of Peace of Mind Solutions, presented about how a DMM can support individuals in day-to-day financial management and provide other personal financial assistance for individuals and their loved ones.

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Town Hall: Aging Matters

Susy Elder Murphy, BA, CMC, owner of Debra Levy Eldercare Associates, presented about aging issues. These include housing options, care coordination, in-home care, professional referrals, and more.

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Town Hall: 2022 Mortgage & Housing Seminar

Frank Antico, Vice President of NewRez, LLC, a mortgage lending company, presented his annual Mortgage and Housing Update. Frank shared insights and trends from his work in the housing and mortgage markets.

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Town Hall: Medicare Maze

We’re honored to have Kevin Dougherty join us as an independent insurance agent specializing in Medicare. Although Medicare coverage doesn’t begin until you are 65, there are many choices and decisions to make.

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Town Hall: Property & Casualty Insurance

Our Town Hall featured Bob McAllister, a property and casualty insurance broker. This Town Hall may be helpful to anyone who owns a home, is purchasing a home, has made or is in the process of making improvements to a home, as Bob will navigate decisions to make to protect the value of home and one's investment in it.

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Town Hall: 2021 Economic State of the Union

Curt Gross, Chief Investment Officer, hosted our Town Hall: Economic State of the Union May 20, 2021. Curt gave explanations of examples of economic data we use to make portfolio decisions. Curt also answered questions during the Q&A.

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