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Webinars & Events

Town Hall: 2021 Economic State of the Union

Curt Gross, Chief Investment Officer, hosted our Town Hall: Economic State of the Union May 20, 2021. Curt gave explanations of examples of economic data we use to make portfolio decisions. Curt also answered questions during the Q&A.

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Town Hall: Howard County Covid-19 Vaccine Update

The COVID-19 vaccine roll out is a huge part of many of our clients lives right now. Kelly Kesler, M.S., CHES®, Director from Howard County Local Health Improvement Coalition, was gracious enough to join our Town Hall with an update on the COVID-19 vaccine and answer our questions.

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Reasons to Be Optimistic - Video Highlight

On February 2, 2021, Curt Gross, CFA presented his 2020 Year-end Market Summary. Here is an excerpt from his webinar: Reasons To Be Optimistic. Curt explains why he believes that the economy is seeing several positive shifts that will continue to gain strength. Video Highlight Run Time: 15 minutes

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Town Hall: Fall 2020 Medicare

Once again this year, we’re honored to have Kevin Dougherty join us as an independent insurance agent specializing in Medicare. Although Medicare coverage doesn’t begin until you are 65, there are many choices and decisions to make.

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