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Town Hall

Town Hall: 2022 Q3 Portfolio Review and Dashboard

Curt Gross, Chief Investment Officer, hosted our Town Hall: 2022 Q3 Quarter Market Summary & Portfolio Review on October 18, 2022. Curt gave an update on the markets, economy, FAI portfolios, and answered questions during the Q&A.

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Town Hall: Medicare Maze 2022

We’re honored to have Kevin Dougherty join us as an independent insurance agent specializing in Medicare. Although Medicare coverage doesn’t begin until you are 65, there are many choices and decisions to make.

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Town Hall: Learning About the Complex College Process

Cozy Wittman, Education and Partnership Consultant, at College Inside Track, joined us to teach families how to navigate the complicated college process. College is now the second largest purchase most families make in their lives, but the process is more complex and less transparent than it has ever been. COVID-19 and FAFSA changes that took place at the end of 2020 have increased the challenges families face. This session will cover common mistakes families make in selecting a college, myths about financial aid, FAFSA changes that will impact many, many families and will guide you toward a more strategic college search. Your FAI Wealth Management team is excited to partner with Cozy Wittman, with College Inside Track. Cozy speaks nationally, training families and professionals about doing a more strategic college search.

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May 2022: Recent Market Volatility

While we do not possess a crystal ball, we believe the stock market has sold off on fears of a future recession. Although we are also concerned with the Federal Reserve’s ability to combat inflation, there are several positive areas that give us hope that a recession is not imminent.

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