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Town Hall

May 2022: Recent Market Volatility

While we do not possess a crystal ball, we believe the stock market has sold off on fears of a future recession. Although we are also concerned with the Federal Reserve’s ability to combat inflation, there are several positive areas that give us hope that a recession is not imminent.

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Town Hall: Daily Money Manager

Mary Hughes, a certified Daily Money Manager (DMM) and founder of Peace of Mind Solutions, presented about how a DMM can support individuals in day-to-day financial management and provide other personal financial assistance for individuals and their loved ones.

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Town Hall: 2022 Q1 Portfolio Review and Dashboard

Curt Gross, Chief Investment Officer, hosted our Town Hall: 2022 Q1 Quarter Market Summary & Portfolio Review on April 21. Curt will give an update on the markets, economy, FAI portfolios, and answer your questions during the Q&A.

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Town Hall: Aging Matters

Susy Elder Murphy, BA, CMC, owner of Debra Levy Eldercare Associates, presented about aging issues. These include housing options, care coordination, in-home care, professional referrals, and more.

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2022 Q1 Global Geopolitical Turmoil

After experiencing a very unusual COVID environment over the last 2 years, most investors were hoping for a return to “normal” in 2022. Unfortunately, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has postponed hopes for a near term return to normal. Although the conflict has caused a tremendous human toll (our thoughts go out to all those impacted), the economic impact is much more subdued.

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Town Hall: 2022 Mortgage & Housing Seminar

Frank Antico, Vice President of NewRez, LLC, a mortgage lending company, presented his annual Mortgage and Housing Update. Frank shared insights and trends from his work in the housing and mortgage markets.

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